E-Videa Heilpraktikerpruefung


The MVT-team also includes an indian homoeopathic doctor. Dr. Surendar Parsad accompanies the MVT-team on their rounds to the different therapy-centres, where he prescribes homoeopathic medicine for the patients, according to their individual physical infirmities.

In the field of homoeopathy, „the illness“ on it`s own doesn`t exist, but it is „the entire ill human beeing“ who is in the centre of the attention. Hence, it is of fundamental value, to gain an over all picture of the sick human beeing (through copious examination/interrogation).


Our homoeopathic doctor on duty.


So far, we have been able to achieve great results by treating spasmes through administering injections with a complex of homoeopathic drugs. Eventough that this complex of homoeopathic medicines serves the purpose in particular to relax smooth muscle tissue (the muscle tissue of the inner organs), many patients report of a persistent relaxation of the sceletal muscles after the application of an injection.