E-Videa Heilpraktikerpruefung


With a punctual or regular donation you  help to maintain the work of the Muskan Viklang Trust (MVT).

Reasons for donating to the MVT:  

1) The donations are going entirely to India and don’t get lost in a big bureaucracy. All members in Germany work for free.  

2) In India just a small amount of money is used for organisation. Most money serves the direct work with the disabled.  

3) To receive with such small resources such an efficient help is something that is unique in the whole world.    

4) The differently abled in Bihar need urgent qualified help!

The donations are used for:

~ 50 % for salaries of the employees (already 11 people)

~ 20 % for petrol cost and vehicle maintenance

~ 15 % For the material used in the villages: (Acupuncture needles, electric stimulators, surgical alcohol, plaster, bandages, Homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbs, other treatment aids like for example toys)

~ 5 % for material and tools fort he Orthopaedic Workshop

~ 5 % Sewing machines, clothes and other sewing stuff for the sewing project

~ 5 % for registration, tax & office cost, building occupancy expenses, etc.      


For donators living in Germany:

Förderkreis Muskan Viklang Trust e.V.
Bancaccount Nr.: 12095015
BLZ: 320 613 84                  
Volksbank an der Niers e.G.  

For donators living in Europe (outside Germany):

Foerderkreis Muskan Viklang Trust e.V.
IBAN: DE 3232061384 0012 0950 15      
Volksbank an der Niers e.G.

For donators living in Switzerland:

Foerderkreis Muskan Viklang Trust e.V.
Konto 60-683889-0 CHF
IBAN: CH78 0900 0000 6068 3889 0

You may also donate by check payable to Förderkreis Muskan Viklang Trust e.V. Am Lindchen 1, 47589 Uedem. Please send your check to Muskan Viklang Trust e.V., Am Lindchen 1, 47589 Uedem, Germany.   

Donations, ideas and any other help which can support MVT’s work with the differently-abled are heart fully welcome !!!

If you do have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact MVT: info@muskanviklangtrust.org