E-Videa Heilpraktikerpruefung


It is a very important concern of the MVT, to gain as many volunteers as possible for the work on the spot. Especially Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, or other experts in the medical field of rehabilitation (Prosthetists, Acupuncturists). Though also laymen can be very beneficial, provided that they possess enough crativity and flexibility to deal with a range of different therapy-sequences. But the most important and most valuable trait really needed, is to possess a strong will to help. Especially at times when Heiner Janssen is back in Germany, prevented to return back to India, the volunteers all the more are playing an important role.

Unfortunately the MVT is not able to offer a salary, however the MVT can bear expenses for a simple accomodation. Though what we can guarantee is a sphere of activity, assuring efficient help for persons in need. After all, there are not as many activities fullfilling in this vein. The smiles and deep thankful gazes of the children are something one will probably never forget. These children in India are special children, capable of giving a lot, if one is recptive and ready to take it.

The MVT is much obliged to all the volunteers, who have offered their help and sacrificed their energy for the project.

List of therapists:

Volunteer german (including volunteer report)
Volonteer english (including volunteer report)

Furthermore, the MVT is also much obliged to two different online platforms for finding volunteers:

Menschen- International:

Since the MVT has been registered there, the number of volunteer requests has increased immensely. Nearly all of our volunteers had found their way to us over these websites. Fantastic that such great websites do exist!

Menschen International


TCM -Sozialforum:

Through the TCM-Sozialforum we have now been able to win our first TCM therapists working for the MVT. A big enrichement, considering that Acupuncture is one of our most important therapies.