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Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs in the Treatment of cerebral palsy

The MVT has achieved great results through Chinese Herbs and acupuncture by the interference of:

  1. Skeletal muscles: Kinetic behaviour improves. The children start to conduct movements which they were not able to accomplish before, for example: autonomous turning, sitting, standing etc.

  2. Tonicity: Spasticity is a dysfunction of the muscles which is hard to control. Acupuncture is probably one of the most effective methods to improve the spasticity.

    With isolated paralysis of single body parts (for example: hand or foot paralysis), the stimulation with electric acupuncture is very effective.
  3. Equilibrium
  4. Speech: Usually takes a long time. Generally it leads to an extended vocabulary and improves the articulation.
  5. Reduction of epileptic attacks: This can not be succeeded with every patient. In comparance to the western medical treatment, the progress achieved by Chinese Medicine usually remains constant, as the western medicine does only suppress the attacks currently and does not fix the cause, and as soon as the intake of the medicine is discontinued, often the attacks will come back.
  6. Mental retardation: Often the parents report a cognitive improvement (more awake and alert). Despite the fact that such an improvement of course reaches its limits, it is still impressive that one can have an impact on it.

Chinese Medicine applied on children with cerebral palsy, is a very effective form of therapy (if not the most effective!). Unfortunately this method is still rarely used. Based on positive experiences, it is Heiner Janssen`s request, to make Chinese Medicine accessible to more patients with neurological disorders in the near future. This mean of therapy harbours a great (unfortunately rarely unutilised) room of improvement.


acupuncture therapy applied on patients with cerebral palsy