E-Videa Heilpraktikerpruefung

Physiotherapy / Occupational therapy

Due to the big number of patients attending the usual rounds in the villages, the MVT is not always capable of giving each patient the adequate and intensive care required. As a matter of fact, the weekly intervals of treatments are furthermore too extensive on its own, to attain big progress. Hence, the focus remains on a careful instruction of the parents. Their cooperation is vitally important for a positive outcome of the therapy.

The three fundaments of our therapy strategy are:


a) Vojta therapy:

Particular motion sequences can be initiated through the stimulation of specific body parts in different positions. Muscles which can’t normally be selectively used, can get effectively activated, which improves „the neuronal network“of the muscles in the nervous system.


Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
Rakesh (chairman, project leader Bodhgaya) carrying out Vojta reflex-rolling


Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
Rakesh shows to the father of the child how to carry out Vojta reflex-crawling


Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
Older sister learns vojta reflex-crawling

b) Bobath therapy:

Citation Bobath: “motor development of brain affected people happens mainly through self motivated activity (self organisation). This needs conditions which support the practical implementation of the child and let it find individual solutions” (translated from German).


The acquirement of motor skills like standing, walking, gripping ect. implies motor learning. The essential perceptions of motor learning are:


-Skills are attained if they are carried out autonomously without any outside help.

-Motion sequences are optimized through repetition. With other words, walking can be learned through walking, standing can be learned through standing.


Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
Skadi (volunteering physiotherapist) initiating functional learning of
quadriceps plus hand function.


Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
Ajay (chairman of the daughter project in Nawada) is practising
the erection into the knee stand.


Vojta and Bobath therapy are an ideal complementary combination of therapies.

The actual training of movements can not be replaced through Vojta therapy, though it can create the establishment of a better basis, to improve motor activity, so that posture, as well as movement can be carried out more tightly focused. Thus both therapies (Vojta & Bobath) accompany each other hand in hand. The MVT successfully utilizes the combination of both concepts.


c) Cranio-sacral-therapy:
Cranio-sacral therapy reactivates the circulation of the nutritive fluids of the brain and the spinal chord (liquor) and initiates the relaxation of the musculoskeletal system, specifically in relation to the spine. Damaged areas of the brain can be activated through the relaxation of tensions in the nervous system. The reduction of tension eventually ceases spasticity


Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie

Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie

Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie