E-Videa Heilpraktikerpruefung

Help in the villages

In the remote villages of Bihar, there are unfortunately still reams of differently-abled children. Their parents are helpless and have no idea whom they can address for help. The aim of the MVT is to offer this help and aid right on the spot.

In addition to the regular weekly treatment in the villages, the MVT also provides the opportunity to give daily treatment. An MVT trained assistant covers this demand to ensure sufficient help is given within each village.

The treatment is free of cost for all patients.

The patients pay a small amount for adjuncts such as plasters, callipers, crutches etc. For those who cannot afford it, the materials administered for free.

At this point in time, three different teams are simultaneously giving treatment on three different locations.

By motorcycle and by minivan, sixteen different locations can be reached regularly once a week.

Map with all the therapy centres.

Furthermore, we see patients in our headquarters in Bodhgaya and in our daughter Project in Nawada (approximately 80km away from Bodhgaya)


Hilfe in den Dörfern
motorcycle on its way to the villages, packed to the brim

Hilfe in den Dörfern
As some of the villages are simply too far away (up to 1 ½ hours) to be
reached by motorcycle especially in the summer where the temperature
reaches above 40C, we procured a minivan (Suzuki Maruti) in Dec.`09.
Hilfe in den Dörfern
Hilfe in den Dörfern
Hilfe in den Dörfern
Hilfe in den Dörfern
images of our rounds in the villages