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“The Rainbow Children workshop was conducted with 5 patients receiving treatment from the Muskan Viklang Trust in March 2005.  During RC's two weeks at MVT we witnessed something that is rare to find in India, an organization that is solely dedicated to working and results with no frills and  excessive overhead costs. 
On many days the physiotherapists  (Heiner and Rakesh) were greeted by the first patients as they woke up at 6.30am, starting the accupuncture/electric stimulation therapy with the patients sitting on a wooden bed in front of the road.  This continues on with patients coming and going as they get ready and eat breakfast.  By 8am, once the full team of 5 is there, they split up and depart for different centers (visiting different villages a week) to treat their numerous patients in the many villages surrounding Bodhgaya.  At every village center the story is virtually the same - a big group of people, some curious onlookers, but more patients, one cannot even fathom the number of differently-abled in these rural areas.  The physiotherapists go through the group one after another, checking the patients, asking if they've done their exercises, a prick here, there, along all of the channels, hooking the needles up to the machines, calming down younger patients who's first time it is, and it just goes on and on, one after another.  Each team on average probably goes through 50 patients a day at least.  Sometimes the team visits one center in the morning and one in the afternoon, they're at it all day and come back to even treat a few more in the evening back at the MVT center.

MVT'S commitment to the rehabilitation of the differently-abled around Bodhgaya is highly commendable, and RC was glad to have been able to raise some funds to sponsor a year of therapy for 70 children.  Their innovative approach to therapy is achieving amazing results in little time. Still we are in close contact to the MVT and are happy to see, when we come over for regular visits, how the good work is continue.”
Rainbow Children